Biogasprom ABs main business area is implementation of waste management projects mainly in the CIS countries. We own a unique know-how for processing big amounts of municipal waste (MSW) to more difficult-to-handle hazardous waste and are ready to offer advanced design solutions.

Unique patented equipments allows a sustainably way to fully process municipal waste (both newly formed and those located on municipal waste landfills and dumps) as well as various types of industrial and hazardous wastes.

The technology and equipment, depending on the needs of the customer, can be implemented in capacity from 22 000 ton to 2 000 000 tons of waste per year.  And if the need is different other capacities can be also special designed.

Example of hard-to-handle waste that can be totally dissolved are Fly ash, Automotive shredded waste (ASR), Medical waste, Industrial waste, Petrochemical waste, Asbestos waste, Pharmaceutical waste and By-past dust (CBPD or CKD) from cement manufacturing.